"Follow effective action with quiet reflection.  From the quiet reflection will come more effective action." Peter Drucker

Frequently Asked Questions: 


How can coaching help individuals?

​​From time to time, even the most successful professionals and leaders get stuck or need the benefit of an objective partner to move beyond where they are.  Coaching helps individuals pause long enough to generate new insights.  In particular, insights about our mindset -- including the often hidden values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, desires, and connections that shape our views and how we engage our external environment -- have the potential to stimulate development and expand choices.  


By deepening internal and external awareness, individuals can identify possibilities and solutions they did not know existed, let go of limiting tendencies, and develop the skills and practices that reinforce success. 

What does the coaching process look like?

Coaching is an individual-driven process that involves one-on-one conversations tailored to the person.  The individual identifies the areas to work on, and the coach assists to promote learning and development in these areas by actively listening, asking questions that provoke new insights, challenging the individual's thinking, and offering observations.


The individual creates an insight loop to test in real-life settings the validity of learning gained through coaching.  Between coaching sessions, the individual tests insights by engaging in self-observation and behavioral practices designed to improve outcomes.  From these practices come additional insights that inform future direction and actions.  


Throughout the process, the coach holds the individual accountable for this work in order to accelerate development and provides support and encouragement to help overcome the obstacles that impede growth.  Moving from internally generated insights to the external application of this learning and back to insight generation provides the information professionals and leaders need to achieve better outcomes.    


Who benefits from coaching?

​Professionals and leaders who are open, motivated, and able to dedicate their time and effort to the process.  In coaching, the individual sets the agenda and identifies the outcomes for the engagement.  Individuals who have a strong desire to learn and grow and are willing to commit to the process are more likely to reach the objectives they set for themselves. Examples of topics commonly explored by professionals and leaders are described under Services.    

How long does the coaching engagement last?

Duration depends on the individual's goals for the coaching engagement.  Most coaching engagements last between four and nine months and typically involve meeting in person or by phone every other week for approximately one hour.    

Are coaching conversations confidential?

Yes, except as required by law.  Any additional exceptions to confidentiality are discussed and agreed to before the beginning of the coaching engagement.  For example, a coach hired by an organization may be asked to share the individual's development goals and milestones with members of the organization.   

How much does the coaching investment cost?  

​Please contact Pause for Insight for an estimate.  Like other professional services, price is affected by a variety of factors including the duration of the engagement. 





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