"Things do not change; we change."  Henry David Thoreau

Services for individuals include coaching for: 

  • Transition:  Transitions create distinct needs for individuals.  Assessing the nature of the change and what is needed to navigate it can improve the effectiveness and confidence of individuals, whether they are taking on leadership responsibilities for the first time or stepping into executive roles involving greater complexity.  Coaching helps individuals explore the internal and external demands of transition and create sustainable practices to move through them. 


  • Development:  Professionals and leaders today must rely on their own initiative to learn, grow, and position themselves in the place of greatest advantage.  Coaching helps individuals prepare for the next opportunity by building on existing strengths, clarifying new goals, and developing the awareness, skills, and practices that reinforce success.  

  • Performance:  Areas where professionals and leaders face a gap between their intended and actual results present opportunities for improving performance.  Understanding how individuals may be limiting themselves is the first step to producing different results.  Coaching helps individuals to see their blind spots, understand the reasons for performance gaps, and develop new capabilities to bridge them.   

  • Career Alignment:  Within each of us is a desire to make a difference.  We may not seek to change the world, but we may question whether our work and how we perform it represents the best use of our talents.  Coaching helps individuals develop new insights about their professional needs and the steps necessary to achieve fulfilling outcomes. Coaching can be especially helpful for professionals and leaders who desire more from their work but have not yet been able to define what that is.  

  • Time and Stress Management:  Many individuals feel overwhelmed at work.  Required to produce more with fewer resources, they respond by working harder, often with diminishing returns.  Trying to do more is rarely enough as responsibilities increase.  Coaching helps individuals develop practices to boost productivity, make better use of time, and decrease the negative consequences of stress.

  • Work/Life Balance:  Managing career and personal responsibilities is a challenge for many professionals faced with multiple commitments.  The balance is dynamic and may shift in response to new experiences and responsibilities and an evolving sense of priorities.  Coaching helps individuals explore possibilities and reconcile competing demands in order to achieve a more satisfying balance.​